Mother Creation

Mother Creation /story:

The world’s human race has come to extinction after a catastrophic event that has also caused pollution within the world, and from the time of the catastrophe event the would started too and became desert with time.

But below the grounds of our world our human descendants built a man made safe house made of thick steel protected from any catastrophic event, with programmed robots to regenerate our human race in the case of our extinction.

This safe house is equipped with high tec technology and robots that are programmed to protect the safe house felicity,
The robots are also programmed to protect, keep alive and feed the woman embryos for when its scheduled set time is set to reproduce our human race.
Once this set time activates, the robot will start the reproduction of a new born baby or baby.s to regenerate our human race,
Once the baby is born the robot will become the mother of the new born baby, it will protect, feed, clean ,talk to the baby, give medical assistance, and give the baby all the necessary needs as a mother to grow a baby in good health.

The next stage is when the baby or baby’s becomes a child, the robot or robots will teach schooling, it will teach how the human race lived, what they have learnt in there life time, all there technology, the history events that happened in the world before the extinction of human race and everything else that’s needed to restart life as a human race.
the robot is also programmed to eliminate any threats, baby’s, teenagers, grownup, that do not comply or are not suitable for the new human race to be regenerated back into the world as we do not want to make the same mistakes as our past descendants, we want a better world.

Once all the pre programmed requirements are meet by the humans, the robot will then move to the next step to regenerate the world population with the chosen humans that have passed the test, the robot will then re-check if its safe for humans to re enter the world, if it is safe, the robot will supply food, clothing and all necessary equipment with locations of safe storage’s that contain food to equipment and will open the doors of the safe house for the new generation to re enter the world to reproduce the world.
One the humans have been let out from the safe house they will no longer be able to re enter the facility and the robot, robots, will reset and start over.

AND HERE WE STILL ARE, thanks to Giuliano Del Borrello set to re clone on every reset.

Copyright 1973-2006 by V.P